The Black Lotus – Brand Identity 

At its core, The Black Lotus is about helping people transform their lives through ‘shadow work’ by healing unconscious patterns, traumas, mental and emotional blocks.

Embracing and leveraging the lotus flower as an icon of a spiritual end result – enlightenment. The logo utilises the correlation of the body of the plant being hidden beneath the surface, in the dark water away from the light, and the ‘shadow work’ that can nourish an individual as a whole in order for a person to bloom.

The vertical wavy lines represent the stems running down to the bulb of the plant. With notions of water, liquid, movement, reflection, and the cocoa ceremony the founders hold all play a large role in the coursework of ‘shadow work’.

Role: Creative Direction & Design

The Black Lotus is a new spiritual brand based in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala. 

Situated in a lakeside Mayan village renowned for its stunning volcano views and being a mecca for the global spiritual community.
The Black Lotus focus is on spiritual events like cacao ceremonies, meditation classes, and music.
Australia / Worldwide