Arts Tasmania – NWRH Public Arts Commission

This is my first Public Art commission for Arts Tasmania. 

A Linear Accelerator is being installed in a specially designed room as part of a cancer treatment clinic in the north of Tasmania. The room is referred to as a bunker. To access the the bunker patients walk down a hallway before entering into the treatment area.
The hospital commissioned me to create a graphic artwork to flow along this corridor that might create a sense of calm. 

‘The Meadow’ celebrates the simple freedom and enjoyment of life from a carefree walk through a meadow on a beautiful spring day. Nothing fancy; tall grasses, daffodils, clover, hidden animals and insects calling it home. This might transport someone back to their childhood, or forward to a beautiful peaceful environment. 

The hope would be that a returning patient might discover something new hidden in the grass they hadn’t seen before. The colours are bright and cheerful but not overpowering.

Role: Creative Direction, Design, Illustration & Production Management

North West Regional Hospital 

The North West Regional Hospital (NWRH) is situated in Burnie and provides health services to North West Tasmania and King Island. The Northern Cancer Service (NCS) operates across the north of the state and currently has one Linear Accelerator in operation at the NWRH.

A Linear Accelerator is a specialised machine which delivers a treatment for cancer known as Radiation Therapy, one of the main treatment options for cancer. To meet the increasing need for this treatment, NWRC has constructed an additional bunker for a second Linear Accelerator.

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