Personal Project – Children’s Picture Book

I wrote and illustrated this picture book originally for my eldest son who was born in Amsterdam. I wanted to make a memento for myself and my family, after 13 years of making Amsterdam my home, but one of substance.

The canals are a defining feature of the city and I was always fascinated by the number and variety of watercraft on any given day. 

The line drawings are based on hundreds of photographs I took, and influenced by my collection of vintage picture books. Employing a minimal colour pallette and utilising layers of hand-painted brush textures, the book not only reflects the history and charm of the boats, but of the city itself.

Stocked in every bookstore and museum in Amsterdam with over 650 copies to date. Available locally in Tasmania, email directly if you would like a copy. 

Role: Illustrator & English Writer
Translation: Claudia Casagrande

Personal Project. The Netherlands.
Australia / Worldwide