Moo Brew x Moorilla – Farmhouse Ale

A collaborative table beer Moo Brew made with Moorilla. Bright, tart, shareable.

“This old-school table beer is a throwback to the farmhouse-style beers pioneered by European farmers and labourers in the days of yore. It’s a collaborative beer—brewed with the help and creativity of our friends at Moorilla—made to be sat on a table and shared. This unique multi-ferment blend—partially farmhouse, partially wild-fermented on riesling skins (and aged on them a bit as well)—is bright, effervescent, low in alcohol, pleasantly tart, and extraordinarily refreshing.”

The design is a cheeky nod to a Moo Brew take over of Moorilla.  

Role: Packaging Design & Art Direction
Copywriter: Micahel Blake, MONA
Creative Director: Jadrin Anderson, MONA
Executive Creative Director: Robbie Brammall, MONA
Photography: Jesse Hunniford, MONA

Moo Brew. Tasmania, Australia.

Moo Brew was started in 2005 by David Walsh, founder of the world-famous, convention-adverse Mona (The Museum of Old and New Art). The brewery is Tasmania’s largest independent craft brewery, making seven beers year-round, plus one or two seasonals here and there; like this splendid Farmhouse Ale.
Australia / Worldwide