MONA – Stoney Vineyard

2023 – AGDA Awards – Distinction – Alcoholic Beverage, Short Run 

2024 – Diemen Awards – Winner – Packaging

2024 – Diemen Awards – Finalist – Photography

2024 – Diemen Awards – Finalist – Grand Diemen

2024 – Communication Arts – Finalist – Packaging

2024 – Pentawards – Finalist – Packaging

Stoney had a problem. The quality of the product was being overshadowed by its dated ‘prison wine’ label. It needed a zhuzh.

The label was simplified to one clear message; Stoney is not your average wine, thus the rock to reflect this is no average rock.
The label uses a image of a rock – sourced from site – split to reveal an exceptional interior with bespoke foil colour. 

Role: Packaging Design, Art & Creative Direction
Copywriter: Micahel Blake, MONA
Creative Director: Jardin Anderson, MONA
Executive Creative Director: Robbie Brammall, MONA
Photography: Jesse Hunniford, MONA

Stoney Vineyard
When Peter and Ruth retired to Switzerland, MONA creator, David Walsh, purchased the estate with a mind to honour Stoney Vineyard’s celebrated winemaking tradition. Stoney Vineyard now continues under the custodianship of Moorilla winemaker, Conor van der Reest.

Museum of Old and New Art; MONA. Tasmania, Australia.

“Mona is a museum in Hobart, Tasmania, created by David Walsh to help him (in his words) ‘bang above [his] weight’. Anything we say to describe Mona will date quickly, given we are constantly changing our mind about what Mona is.”

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