MONA – Rock Bottom ‘Rum’

2023 – Dieline Awards – Silver – Dark Spirits
2023 – Communication Arts – Winner –Packaging
2022 – AGDA Awards – Merit – Alcoholic Beverage, Short Run
2022 – 8th Annual Diemen Awards – Winner – Media Super Grand Diemen – Design
2022 – 8th Annual Diemen Awards – Winner – Packaging

“There are many benefits to running a bar in the depths of the earth beneath a slightly weird art museum but there are also perils: not least, being the proprietor of your museum, a millionaire gambler and his predilction for appropriation of the rums found on the top shelf. You may also find yourself with an excess of unused, unwanted sugar cubes from providing punters with hot coffee and tea.

So, in an inspired moment of clarity and thought, you might seize upon the idea of a new spirit, a zero-waste delight brewed and distilled by the esteemed Knocklofty Distillery from those leftover lumps of raw sucrose before being carefully matured in tiny casks of French oak.

The resulting ‘RUM’ would need fitting vessels, a stone-based mini-tippler, and it would boast notes of candied orange, whipped butter, and a pleasant almond cake-y vibe upon the nose, while the palate would be unctuous, rich and blessed with caramelised marzipan and molasses notes.

And you would call it: Rock Bottom.”
A limited edition of 418 bottles were released via soical media, and were completely sold out in 5 hours.  

Role: Packaging Design
Copywriter: Micahel Blake, MONA
Creative Director: Jardin Anderson, MONA
Executive Creative Director: Robbie Brammall, MONA
Photography: Jesse Hunniford, MONA

Museum of Old and New Art; MONA. Tasmania, Australia.
Mona is a museum in Hobart, Tasmania, created by David Walsh to help him (in his words) ‘bang above [his] weight’. Anything we say to describe Mona will date quickly, given we are constantly changing our mind about what Mona is.
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