Liminus – Branding & Packaging

Liminus Perfume draws its inspiration from the concept of the liminal, representing transition and transformation. Derived from the Latin word "limin," meaning threshold, Liminus captures the essence of in-between spaces and places—the sensory thresholds that define their scents.

Beyond perfume, Liminus celebrates natural beauty and craftsmanship, and the creative brief was to emanate both by having sustainability meet sophistication. Despite the limited production budget, the packaging should reflect a modern interpretation of luxury, blending elegance with environmental responsibility for Liminus’ two launch signature scents.

The packaging includes a refillable metal atomiser and is presented in a finely crafted letterpress box. Its outer sleeve showcases blind embossed illustrations of Tasmanian flora, reflecting the brand's ethos of transition and transformation. This tactile representation echoes the concept of 'limin.'

The result is packaging that communicates artisan quality to consumers through touch, meticulously designed to evoke Tasmania's essence: freshness, distinctiveness, and understated beauty.

Role: Brand Strategy, Branding, Creative Direction, Design, & Production
Photography: Jesse Huniford & Jess Oakenfull

Liminus Perfume

Liminus is an boutique artisan perfume brand creating 100 per cent natural products. Each scent features the finest Tasmanian botanical materials and has a story to tell inspired by Tasmania’s natural beauty.

Sustainability, collaboration and ethical sourced, Liminus perfume is created by hand in tiny, thoughtful batches.

Australia / Worldwide