La Interrupción – book cover design

I was fortunate to be invited to design the cover for the book La Interrupción, by Toni Segarra and Edu Pou.

“Traditionally, advertising has been understood as an interruption in people's lives, which bursts into their living room, their newspaper, their car or the street, without being invited. But at some point, the internet came along, and the premise changed radically: advertising would stop interrupting, and the public would go looking for it voluntarily, having regained their free will. Has that happened? What would an uninterrupted world look like? Wouldn't disruption really be an essential mechanism for human survival?”

Edu Pou & Toni Segarra are two advertisers who focused of a series of conversations to answer these questions.

The cover highlights this contrasting conversation with contrasting typography, and the typography subtly interrupting itself.

Visit the book’s website here.

Role: Cover Design
Illustration & imagery: José Garcia Cesar
Photography: Marc Trilla

The Authors: Toni Segarra & Edu Pou

Toni Segarra, is the son of traditional advertising, in which he commanded the absolute empire of the TV spot. Edu Pou, belongs to the next generation, is a digital native and began his career with the launch of the Internet. The former always worked in Spain, the latter did not stop changing country of residence. The former currently lives in Barcelona, the latter in Tasmania.

Two very contrasting profiles, who for seven months sat regularly in front of the Zoom screen, with a time difference of ten hours, to contrast opinions in a dialectical duel without a pre-established script.

La Interrupción is published by Deusto in Spain.

Australia / Worldwide