Ghost Rock Wines – Packaging

The Ghost Rock wines revitalisation pays homage to Zoe and Cat, two women of the family for whom the sparkling was named. Aimed to blend modernity with the brand's essence, balancing its dark aura with sparkling elegance.

The design focused on highlighting Zoe and Cat's refined personas through meticulous crafting, featuring faceted embossed foil for depth and symbolism.

Bold typography mirrored their character, seamlessly integrating identity and product. A subtle border added sophistication, harmonizing with Ghost Rock's vibe.

The result: understated elegance capturing the enduring legacy of these matriarchs.

Role: Creative Direction, Design, & Production
Photography: Jesse Hunniford

Ghost Rock Winery. Cradle Coast, Tasmania.

Nestled among the rolling patchwork fields of the beautiful coastline of Northern Tasmania, you'll find Ghost Rock among some of god's best country.
Australia / Worldwide