Domaine A – Campaniac Brand Refresh

Reimagining the packaging for Domaine A's premium brandy, Campaniac. Wonderful to be able to start from scratch: selecting the bottle, stopper, and designing the label.

Role: Prouduct Design & Creative Direction
Creative Director: Robbie Brammall, MONA
Photo Credit: Jesse Hunniford, MONA

Moorilla & Domaine A. Tasmania, Australia.

Stoney Vineyard is the oldest in Tasmania’s Coal River Valley and from there, Domaine A has built an international reputation for its world-class stable of mature, cool-climate wines. Domaine A crafts wines that are true to their Tasmanian terroir.

Domaine A is Moorilla’s sister winery. Acquired by Moorilla after Peter’s retirement, Domaine A and Stoney Vineyard will continue their founder’s celebrated winemaking tradition but with new custodians: Moorilla winemaker Conor van der Reest and MONA owner David Walsh
Australia / Worldwide