Bremley – Brand Design & Packaging

Vanessa and James had an exceptional product but lacked branding and packaging that truly reflected the quality or tone of their brand.

The design of this label suite looks to native Tasmanian flora – a constant source of inspiration to them both as they farm their land – and uses these delicate branches, flowers, and sprigs, to underline the Bremely name, as, indeed, the natural environment underlines their daily life.

Bremley is a quiet, elegant, and exacting brand.

Role: Creative Direction & Design
Photography: Jesse Hunniford

Bremely Estate. Southern Tasmania.

James and Vanessa Bresnehan have farming land in Campania, southern Tasmania.

And down the back paddock, they discovered some very neglected vines, which they lovingly tendered and brought back from the bring. Turns out, these old vines had quite a bit to give. 

They’ve grown from strength to strength.
Australia / Worldwide