Atom – Brand Design & Packaging

Atom’s Entropic white bland. 

A boutique vintage of 1200 bottles this Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris, and Riesling has three exemplary cool climate varietals joining forces to create a brilliantly aromatic andtextured wine.

Blended varietals are often seen as the poor cousin of the family. Not in this one. We couldn’t be prouder. And as such, we looked to give her a stand-out label that boldly highlighted the blend, rather than hide it.

Role: Design, Art & Creative Direction
Photography: Jesse Hunniford

Atom Winery. Southern Tasmania.

Richard Jones works alongside the best viticulturalists in Tasmania.

The thing is, Richard himself is an exceptional wine producer. After stepping away from producing nearly two years ago, close friends and family rallied in protest. Talent like his was not to be wasted. Grapes were gifted and it was game on.

The atom signifies the extrordinary people in Richard’s orbit who have supported him through his journey; his wife, Rachel, their three little humans, and their great mates and family.
Australia / Worldwide