Packaging design is for Amalga’s pre-mixed cocktail; their signature Rhubarb Gin & Tonic. A tart and refreshing rhubarb gin and tonic to pop open when you’re feeling a bit fancy and celebratory. Or, feel like relaxing in your PJ’s on the couch and watching a movie. The clients brief was to make a label with luxurious heavy paper and fine print embellishments for one of their pre-mixed cocktails. In a champagne bottle, because, why not? A heavy uncoated stock was paired with a re-interpretation of the illustration of rhubarb and other botanicals that make up the flavour of the product with gold highlights in this letterpress printed label.

The illustrations have been made from hand-textured papers which were then hand-cut, so they feel as though they could have been made alongside Brandon and Maura in their cabin on the river. A closeness to being crafted by hand to mirror their own efforts in production, along with high attention to detail.

Role: Designer, illustrator, & Creative Director
Photography: Nathan Kelley

Amalga Distillery. Alaska, USA.
A very small, very efficient, and very passionate craft distillery making Juneauper Gin & Single Malt Whiskey in Juneau, Alaska.
Australia / Worldwide