Adidas – F50 Digital Experience

The F50 digital tool is a site showcasing the new adidas F50 football boot. This football boot contains a chip that captures your on-pitch performances and allows you to share your data, compare yourself with the best and challenge your friends.

The digital tool showcases how the boot is manufactured in a very unique way, using an ultra light syntetic single layer skin, and carrying the chip in the sole of the boot. Working together with the Swedish company Stopp, we created a site using WebGL, a software library that allows to generate interactive 3D graphics within any compatible web browser. For users with lesser browsers, there was a Flash fallback version created.

Website Design & Art Direction
Copywriting: Pieter vd Heuvel
Creative Direction: Dagmar Hoogland
Agency: Sid Lee, Amsterdam
Digital Production Company: Stopp

Awarded FWA Site of the Day

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