Corporate Identity & Packaging Design
This corporate identity for Lindsey aims to capture the escense of her work – balanced, harmoneous, and crafted. The emblem evokes the spinning of the pottery wheel where Lindsey creates her magic.

The packaging for glaze finish samples looks to the richness of colour of the ceramic detail and the mountain enviroment where Lindsey lives and works.

Role: Creative Direction & Design
Photography: Jonathan Wherrett

Lindsey Wherrett Ceramics

Born and raised in Scotland Lindsey now calls the slopes of Kunanyi, Hobart, home. A trained architect, Lindsey took a sidestep into ceramics, bringing her strong relationship of functional design, materiality, and form into this new expression.

Being a designer-maker Lindsey holds the unbroken connection between ideas and physical materials from beginning to end. All her work is created on a pottery wheel, finished by hand and fired under a live flame in a gas kiln. This process creates infinite opportunity for subtle variation in the forms and surface finish of each piece.

Lindsey crafts bespoke, timeless pieces that add quiet character, richness, and tactility to everyday moments.
Australia / Worldwide